How to Enter


Entering the competition is simple!

Click on the Register button at the top of the screen. Then enter your name, a user name, email address and create a password.

(If you're not a RPS member you can ignore the boxes for your membership number and distinction.)

You can add a profile picture if you wish and then click the box to accept the Terms and Conditions.

We'll send you an activation email (check your junk folder or spam if you don't receive this within 15 minutes), click the link and you're all set to upload your images.

Uploading your images

Your images should be of privately owned heritage - photographs of churches, public buildings, or environmental heritage maintained by the public authorities will not qualify.

The judges will be looking for the interaction of people and heritage; beauty and heritage; identity and heritage.

When you upload your images you should add:

  a) a caption and descriptive text indicating the name of the historic property / subject of the photo; and

  b) the country tag (see below) for where you took the image.

Then click the Enter Image box to make it live. If you want to hide it later, delete it or update your text you can always come back to it later. We'll send you a confirmation email each time you save an image to the competiion website. 

If you've ticked the Allow Comments box when you register you will receive an email when other people comment on your image - so remember to tell your friends and family about this competition and to share a link to your images! 

Finally, if you forget your user name or password you can click the reminder links on the login page! And if you don't get your activation email and tell us here:



The European Historic Houses Association has affiliated Member Associations who represent over 50,000 historic properties across Europe.  Many of these member associations will also be offering a national prize for images taken within their country.

In addition to the Europe-wide competition, images which are tagged with the country code in which they are taken will be added to the relevant competition in countries where an Affiliated National Association is running their own competition.  Entry into the national competition is free and covered by the same terms as the European competition.  A list of all Member Associations who are affiliated to the European Historic Houses Association can be found on the EHHA website:


Tagging your images:

You should include the relevant country tag for the country in which the photograph was taken:

Albania - AL

Andorra - AN

Austria - AT

Belgium – BE

Bosnia & Herzegovina - BA

Bulgaria – BG

Croatia – HR

Cyprus - CY

Czech Republic – CZ

Denmark – DK

Estonia – EE

Finland - FI

France - FR

Germany – DE

Greece – EL

Hungary – HU

Iceland - IS

Ireland - IE

Italy – IT

Kosovo - XK

Latvia – LV

Liechtenstein - LI

Lithuania – LT

Luxembourg - LU

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - MK

Malta – MT

Montenegro - ME

Netherlands - NL

Norway – NO

Poland - PL

Portugal – PT

Romania – RO

Serbia - RS

Slovenia – SI

Slovakia – SK

Spain – ES

Sweden – SE

Switzerland – CH

United Kingdom - UK


Barmeath_IE Barmeath, IE