Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that might help you. We'll be uploading further questions during the course of the competition so keep checking back.

1. How many images can I upload?
You can upload up to 5 images. 

2. Can I change or delete my images once I have uploaded them?
Yes! You can change or delete any of your images, plus your caption text, or tag at any time up to the closing of the competition. 

3. Can I upload images taken by friend?
No! Any images you upload must be your own photograph - they must not have been taken by another photographer or be an image you have found on the internet. Ask your friend to upload his/her own image.

4. Can anyone enter the competition, or only from Europe?

Yes, anyone can enter, and we encourage entries from anywhere in the world.  But the subject matter must be a privately owned historic house in Europe.

5. Can I submit photographs I took years ago?

Images should have been taken within the last three years from the competition closing date - so since 30 September 2015.

6. Can I add extra information about my image?

Absolutely! When you upload your image you can add a caption and additional text. So tell us where the image was taken, what it shows and how you took it, plus anything else you want to tell us. We'll be judging your image but your text will be helpful if its selected when we need to write a caption.

7. How do I enter the national competition as well as the international competition?

By tagging your photograph with the appropriate country tag, you will be automatically entered into the relevant national competition for our member association in the country in which the photograph was taken.  So, if you take a photograph of a beautiful castle in Ireland, and tag the photo with 'IE', then we will enter you into the Irish competition automatically should the association in Austria decide to run a competition this year.  A list of tags can be found on the How to Enter page.

8. Do you take black and white images?

Images in colour or monochome can be submitted and we are happy for these to be done in camera or the conversion to black and white can be done in imaging editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements, etc. 

9. What size should my images be? 

Only JPG files will be accepted. If you are having trouble please check all images are a maximum of 2500 pixels wide (if landscape) or 2500 pixels high (if portrait) and a maximum size of 5Mb in JPG format. Images should be in sRGB colour space.

10. What counts as "private heritage"?

We are not looking for images of churches, publicly owned buildings and monuments, or images of environmental heritage such as beautiful mountains.  Private heritage is most easily defined as historic property which is owned, cared for and maintained by those who live in or around the historic property, usually private individuals.