About the competition


The vast majority of historic property around Europe is cared for by private individuals, passionate about protecting the heritage for future generations. 

We are looking for the best images of privately owned heritage (i.e. not churches, public buildings, or environmental heritage) which showcase the passion and importance that these beautiful buildings and gardens hold for both the community and the inhabitants. 

From baroque manor houses in the Baltic to 10th century castles in Portugal… from Palladian villas in Italy, to grand chateaux in Belgium… from vast strongholds guarding Europe's eastern frontier, to small castles guarding the Spanish south.  Wherever you may be, privately maintained heritage is all around, and each building is special and different. 

These historic buildings chart our European journey from past to present and they hold a special relevance for future generations too.  Mostly they are owned and cared for by private families.

The EHHA Photo competition in 2018 will offer Europe-wide prizes for the best photographs which capture the essence of these stunning houses and their impact and importance on society. 

In addition, certain National Historic Houses Associations will award their own special prizes for images of their country’s privately owned historic buildings and gardens.  All images will be entered for both the European and the appropriate national competitions automatically through image tagging.

The competition`s media partner is Art Nagrada